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How Much Does CoolSculpting Really Cost?

Everything you need to know about the price of CoolSculpting

In the past, eliminating unwanted fat meant going through painful and expensive procedures like liposuction or abdominoplasty, a.k.a. a tummy tuck. Fortunately, CoolSculpting has brought affordable fat reduction to the masses. As with any popular product or service, you are always going to have to educate yourself to ensure that you are not a victim of false advertising. In this article we will discuss the price of authentic CoolSculpting, and how some inferior CoolSculpting centers use unscrupulous methods to manipulate consumers with unrealistic pricing. We’re here to set the record straight on how much you can actually expect to spend for authentic CoolSculpting.


You may be asking yourself, what exactly does authentic CoolSculpting mean? Well, not all CoolSculpting centers are created equal. An authentic CoolSculpting provider will be using genuine, up-to-date materials distributed by the manufacturer, Allergan. This includes the CoolSculpting device, the applicators, and the proprietary card needed to run a treatment cycle.

While you are searching for the right CoolSculpting center for you, you may run into facilities that offer CoolSculpting at suspiciously low prices. These facilities may not always be what they seem, and too-good-to-be-true prices may be a sign of deceptive business practices, such as using fake cryolipolysis devices. As we go over in detail below in Fig.1, the standard price for a single treatment cycle is $900, with some variation depending on the applicator, treatment area, and other factors depending on the practice. If you find an advertised price for significantly lower, it may not be for authentic CoolSculpting.

For a truly authentic CoolSculpting experience, it’s important to trust a well-reviewed and highly experienced center. To take it even further, it’s always a good idea to try and find a dedicated Coolsculpting center. A dedicated center will only focus on CoolSculpting. This way, you know you are in the hands of experts who have been trained and certified in a way that emphasizes the best CoolSculpting techniques. Other practices may offer a slew of other services, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re the best with CoolSculpting. A center with a focus on CoolSculpting will have more experience and expertise. You wouldn’t go to dentist to talk about your eyes, because even though they are a doctor, they will have their own expertise. With this in mind, we can now dive-in to what you can expect to pay for authentic CoolSculpting.


To fully understand the pricing behind CoolSculpting, there’s a lot of territory to cover. This section will go over the basic terminology required for a deep understanding of pricing, and will explain why and how prices may differ.


Here are some elements that influence pricing:

Experience and Expertise: The best CoolSculpting centers will be experts and not offer it as a novelty or side gig. Aesthetic centers that focus on other cosmetic enhancements like liposuction may be able to perform CoolSculpting for a cheaper price, but they will not have the same level of experience as a practice that has honed their skills and dedicated themselves to knowing everything about it.

Applicator: The applicators are the devices that attach to the CoolSculpting equipment and are then placed on the treatment area. Different applicators are designed to treat different areas of your body for optimal results. The $900 per cycle reflects pricing for the most up-to-date applicators available. If you see dramatically lower pricing, the practice may be using old applicators, which will not provide optimal results.

Proprietary Treatment Card: Each treatment cycle requires the use of a treatment card. This is an important factor in understanding authentic CoolSculpting pricing, because the cards are one of the main costs associated with the treatment. Unfortunately, some illegitimate centers try to cut corners by using knock-off treatment cards. If a provider is advertising deceptively low prices, it’s possible they are not using a genuine treatment card, which may cause complications or safety issues that a patient could experience if they are under the impression they are receiving genuine CoolSculpting.

Treatment Package: Many CoolSculpting centers offer packages that can allow you to get multiple treatment cycles at a discounted price. These packages typically start at around $3,000 for a package of 4 treatments with up to 40% fat reduction from a targeted area. If you group multiple treatment packages together, you can potentially get a higher discount, which saves money in the long run. Another added benefit of the treatment packages is that if you do 1 treatment and are pleased with the results, you can usually choose to move the treatment to a different are of the body.

Treatment Cycle (20 vs 40% reduction): The term “treatment cycle” refers to a single CoolSculpting treatment. Each treatment requires the use of an applicator. This means that 1 treatment cycle targets one area of the body. Naturally, patients often seek at least 2 treatment cycles to maintain their body’s inherent symmetry. For example, treating your arms will require 1 treatment cycle per arm. So, to treat both arms you will purchase 2 treatment cycles. With a treatment cycle you will see 20-25% reduction; however, with a package you will get a discount and up to 40% reduction after 2 treatments per area.


Fig 1.

ApplicatorTreatment TimeTreatment AreaAverage List Price Per Treatment Cycle*
Cool Advantage CoolFit Contour35 minutesArms, inner thighs.$900
Cool Advantage CoolCore Contour35 minutesUpper and lower abs, chest.$900
Cool Advantage CoolCurve+ Contour35 minutesFlanks, bra bulge (back fat).$900
CoolSmooth Pro1 hour 15 minutesOuter thighs, abs.$1,000
CoolMini45 minutesChin (submental area), knee fat.$1,000
CoolAdvantage Plus1 hour 15 minutesAbs. $1,500

*The prices displayed here are averages and reflect a la carte pricing. Pricing for package discounts may differ.

This chart reflects the newest applicators available. Although some centers may use outdated or even obsolete applicators for lower prices, they will not provide the benefits of a larger surface treatment area, shorter treatment time, and less onset discomfort, like the newer applicators provide.

The first 3 applicators shown are part of the CoolAdvantage line. These applicators are able to achieve a temperature of -11 degrees celsius, which is 1 degree colder than outdated applicators. They also cover a larger surface area, allowing for a shorter treatment time of only 35 minutes. The CoolAdvantage has 3 types of attachments that are each uniquely shaped to contour different areas of the body. The attachments are the CoolFit Contour, the CoolCore Contour, and the CoolCurve+ Contour. See Fig. 1 above for details regarding which areas of the body these attachments are used to treat, and the average list price for each.

The next applicator is the CoolSmooth Pro. This applicator is unique in that it does not require suction. The CoolSmooth Pro still uses cold temperatures to kill fat cells, but instead of pulling in the fatty tissue by suctioning, it is placed flat against the desired treatment area and secured with straps. This treatment typically costs slightly more because the plate technology is newer, and sometimes requires more attention from the staff to ensure the placement is done correctly. Generally, though, if a patient has a larger amount of freezable fat tissue, a suction applicator is a better solution.

Then we have the CoolMini. The CoolMini is a smaller applicator that is primarily used to eliminate fat under the chin. The average pricing tends to be a bit higher for the CoolMini because it can require extra attention from staff during treatment. The reason for this is that sometimes the applicator can pop-off and will need to be reattached, which means the applicator needs to be checked frequently.

While other CoolSculpting providers might recommend the CoolAdvantage Plus because it can treat a larger area and possibly reduce cost, expert CoolSculpting centers prefer to use it sparingly. Although the CoolAdvantage Plus can treat a larger area, it is not as good for shaping and contouring. The CoolAdvantage Plus may be a good option for some patients for debulking, however, experts generally recommend that if you need debulking (typically a BMI over 30) you may want to consider pairing your CoolSculpting treatment with a medical weight loss program. Of course, to know which option is right for you, it’s important to go in for a consultation and work with the staff to design a treatment plan that fits your goals and body.


One common misconception originates from practices advertising all-inclusive CoolSculpting for around $650. This is misleading because the vast majority of patients will need a minimum of 2 treatment cycles to maintain symmetry in their body. Also, most patients opt to treat the same area multiple times for more dramatic results. Thus, providers who advertise $650 CoolSculpting mislead consumers because that price is inaccurate for a single treatment cycle alone, much less the full treatment plan patients require.

However, if a patient chooses to purchase multiple treatment packages, it’s possible to receive discounted pricing. You can read more about that here [insert link to multi-treatment package article].


CoolSculpting has made it more affordable and convenient to eliminate stubborn fat. Patients typically love their results, especially if they choose to undergo multiple treatments for an even greater amount of fat reduction. Along with looking better, a slimmer physique can go a long way in making someone feel better. For many, CoolSculpting can be a great starting point on their fitness journey, contributing to a healthier life overall.

If the price of CoolSculpting seems too steep for you, there a few things to keep in mind. You may be able to get further discounts by purchasing multiple treatments. Packages tend to start around $3,000 for 4 treatments, which is a hefty discount from the same number of treatments a la carte.

If CoolSculpting still seems out of reach, financing may be an option. Some centers may offer payment plans or financing options with a third party like Care Credit. It’s always best to meet with a dedicated CoolSculpting expert and see what options are available. Although it may seem expensive, it’s an investment, and if there’s one thing always worth investing in, it’s yourself.