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CoolSculpting Candidates: Who is Opting for this Innovative Procedure?

This freezing treatment is helping a force of fat-reduction hopefuls, from fit fanatics to the full-figured.

CoolSculpting - the fat-freezing, non-invasive procedure that promises to eliminate stubborn fat through controlled cooling, is sweeping the nation.  With millions of CoolSculpting treatments already performed worldwide, it has taken the fat reduction community by storm.  But just who exactly is undergoing this treatment?  Well, the answer may be more complicated than you think.

Fitness Buffs

The terms “bodybuilders” and “fat reduction treatments” are often not associated with each other. However, more and more bodybuilders are choosing to opt for this innovative treatment.  Specifically designed to target excess pinchable fat in trouble areas, CoolSculpting offers the potential for a more sculpted physique.  Hence, those who are already fit may choose to undergo this procedure in order to further define their shape and form.  With an expected 20-25% reduction in fat in just a single treatment alone, CoolSculpting can provide an extra edge to those who compete in the fitness realm, or those just simply frustrated with the lack of tone in certain areas.  Since CoolSculpting targets only subcutaneous fat cells, it is a great option for those looking to shed specific fat bulges. Another reason it’s perfect for bodybuilders, or those concerned with aesthetic appeal, is because there is no scarring or visible signs of treatment.  The procedure is also enticing for those in this demographic because it doesn’t involve any recovery time. Those who receive CoolSculpting treatments can immediately resume their workout regimens, maintain active lifestyles, and flaunt their bodies without hesitation.

 Those who already live fit lifestyles, even outside the bodybuilding or fitness realm, also trust CoolSculpting as a method of fat reduction.  After all, it is only offered under the supervision of licensed physicians, backed by scientific evidence, and FDA-cleared.  It is rooted in the science of cryolipolysis, which is the way in which fat can be targeted and killed through cooling.  After CoolSculpting, the frozen fat cells are absorbed and metabolized through the body’s natural processes, leaving the patient with a noticeably slimmer physique.

On-the-go Opportunists

CoolSculpting is also increasingly popular with men and women in their twenties and thirties, as it works well to shape up the body and create a physique worth flaunting, without going under the knife. While surgical procedures like liposuction can be quite inconvenient and painful, CoolSculpting is a much gentler alternative. CoolSculpting is also affordable, as it is typically much cheaper than surgical fat reduction procedures, which makes it a viable option even for those who are not immensely wealthy. Liposuction can cost tens of thousands of dollars, due to its status as an invasive procedure which requires the skill of surgeon, a surgical facility, and anesthesia fees. On the other hand, the price for authentic CoolSculpting ranges from $900 to $1,800 per treatment, which drastically reduces the cost of fat reduction.  Each treatment takes between 35-60 minutes, making this a good option for those with busy, active lifestyles.

Brides to Be

For most women, fitness and appearance are important parts of preparing for a wedding. These brides rightfully want to feel confident in their gowns, and while diet and exercise obviously contribute to this process, these sometimes are not enough. Many hopeful brides are plagued with the frustration that comes with being unable to lose stubborn unwanted fat in certain areas.  Specifically, brides looking to opt for CoolSculpting do so in order to eliminate the “back bulge” or “bra bulge” that can often be troublesome when wearing a strapless gown. CoolSculpting creates gradual, natural-looking results and patients can expect to see visible change within 8-12 weeks, which allows for fat reduction to coincide with a bride’s wedding preparation timeline. For more dramatic results brides can opt for a second round of treatments, which have the potential to deliver a 40% total reduction of targeted fat.  As this would require another 8-12 weeks to achieve the full benefit of the second round of CoolSculpting, smart brides ideally plan their first treatments 6 months before the actual event.

Motivated Men

In addition to being able to target areas such as the chin, arms, love handles, abdomen and thighs, for both men and women, CoolSculpting of the male chest region is becoming increasingly popular. Man boobs, more formally known as gynecomastia, may sound like a silly, trivial problem, but this can have serious physical and mental effects on those plagued with the condition.  CoolSculpting provides controlled, precise toning of this region, and can deliver the confidence that comes with shedding this unwanted, embarrassing fat.

Aged and Active

Those who opt for CoolSculpting are not limited to a younger demographic.  More and more men and women in their 50’s and 60’s are choosing to freeze away excess fat in order to age more gracefully and regain a more youthful physique.  While there is no upper age limit on who can undergo this procedure, CoolSculpting doesn’t tighten skin and therefore cannot counteract a saggy appearance. Therefore, those with these elasticity issues or excess skin may achieve results that are less visible. As with any treatment, results are dependent on the individual, as personal metabolism, age, and health can vary.  However, despite these limitations, CoolSculpting offers a safe solution for those seeking a fat reduction solution in their golden years.

The Frustrated and Full-Figured

It would be incomplete to talk about the great diversity of CoolSculpting patients without including those with a heavier physique.  Those on the larger side often rely on CoolSculpting to do what diet and exercise simply can’t do alone. Many that fall into this category are often plagued with the inability to eliminate subcutaneous pinchable fat in “problem areas” even after achieving substantial weight loss. Unfortunately, this is a demotivating factor that can ultimately contribute to weight cycling (aka yo-yoing).  In the past there were limited non-surgical options to adequately address this concern, but today CoolSculpting provides an effective and affordable solution.

Contrary to popular belief, CoolSculpting can actually be a great starting point on a fitness journey, as one doesn’t need to lose excess weight before undergoing the treatment. In fact, the procedure can serve as a strong motivator to live a healthier life and work towards a thinner physique.  The procedure reduces excess, pinchable fat that will linger regardless of weight fluctuation, meaning that the treatment can take place at the beginning or end of a weight loss journey, or anywhere in between! While a healthy lifestyle and workout routine can help shrink fat cells, CoolSculpting actually kills these cells, ensuring that once they are gone, they are gone for good.

It is important to note that although CoolSculpting can help drive an individual’s desire to shed excess weight, this procedure is not by itself a weight loss solution.  Furthermore, this procedure not intended for those with a BMI over 30 without the addition of an effective weight loss program.  However, while it cannot serve as a substitute for a healthy diet and exercise, it is a valuable resource that can work in unison with lifestyle changes to help mold a more ideal body. Ultimately by boosting confidence and providing hope, CoolSculpting can spark a change in the lives of those with a heavier physique.

The Scarred or Scared

With the increased availability of other fat reduction methods, it is no surprise that many have opted to undergo invasive surgical procedures, such as liposuction.  However, there are also a large number of people who have been left jaded and discouraged by these methods.  As a result, more and more patients who have experienced unsuccessful or botched procedures have chosen CoolSculpting as a way to counteract previous unsatisfactory outcomes.  Those with scars, unevenly distributed fat reduction and other unfortunate issues have found solace in CoolSculpting treatments, and have been able to see drastic improvements, resulting in a variety of positive physical and mental changes.

On the other end of the spectrum are those who are scared to go under the knife, but still have hopes of finding an effective fat reduction method.  For those who fall into this category, CoolSculpting provides a non-invasive, and therefore less intimidating alternative.  Whatever the reason, for those hesitant about other fat reduction methods, CoolSculpting can prove to be an uplifting and viable option.

CoolSculpting has proven to be a very popular procedure, and this certainly may have something to do with the fact that it appeals to people from all walks of life.  Everyone from bodybuilders to retirees are choosing to freeze their fat away. With its track-record of providing reliable results across many demographics, CoolSculpting has carved out its place in the fat reduction industry!